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  • Guardian angel

    The angel that protects and radiates the divine presence allowing to direct the life of the one entrusted to him so that he does not lose it, rather he enlightens and saves it.

  • Warm receive

    The hug of strength that is perceived in nature, which represents patience in its nutrition and fullness in its gratitude by allowing giving and receiving.

  • Follow me

    The boat of Jesus has landed and your journey begins to take shape in the encounter with Christ, knowing that He will guide you along the paths of peace and shelter your heart in the sea of His mercy. Having his cross as a badge, he will give providence and blessing to your work so that you can become his instrument and thus serve in love the souls that he entrusts to you in prayer.

  • Comfort

    Purity is the meeting of a heart with its refuge, the Mother who cares for, protects and helps her son, and in her lap we participate in becoming a perfect assembly in the rest of presenting ourselves as children, without fear we snuggle, we find the space where, like a mold, we let ourselves be guided by his advice. The sun in flower turns radiating light and peace presenting that everything has an order and a purpose in our life mission.

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  • Mercy

    The mercy of God is infinite and his love towards us is great, from his sacred heart he reveals to men the sea of infinite calm and peace that is only known by the souls that, becoming small and recognizing themselves as simple creations of God, take a step to be provided. of the grace of repentance by emptying himself of his will to complement himself with the source of divine love, the power of forgiveness elevates the soul to the beauty of walking on a path looking with a fixed gaze in the consolation of knowing that he is embraced by his radiant blessing, which filled with serene goodness, it fills with its light the offering of each work, happiness and effort, which united to faith, man converts his heart to the eternal to join him in his wise and powerful protection, thus celebrating in the sacred silence a joy precious sign of the testimony of his real and living presence within the reach of men.

  • Michoacan

    Painting made in reference to a theme of Mexican homes, enhancing traditional elements.


  • Paradise

    Estar en casa , es estar en ese paraíso, un hogar que se respira fresco y en silencio, donde el tiempo lo indica el sol y las actividades de las flores.

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  • Little path to heaven

    The understanding that the little angels walk with us, helping us to walk in life always protected with their aroma and blessing that guide God, while the Holy Spirit gives us his gifts that inspire and elevate the purity of our souls.

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