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  • Innocence

    Catch dreams and place your feet on the fertile ground allowing the sky to pierce your soul despite the fact that the winds of the world move strongly.

  • Legacy

    Representation of Don Quijote, together with the elements of transcendence and universe in an original composition.

  • Family

    Personalized Painting that represents a family in 40 concepts with activities, ages and characteristics of the members in a single composition integrating colors and symbolic themes.

  • Encounters

    The realization of an encounter with God, the path of transformation integrating body, thought and spirit, flourishing in the peace and refuge of the Father.

  • Principle of Power

    The creator has given the foundation of life and guides cautiously with love the moments that give us peace and spiritual growth, from the heights of the mountains where immensity is breathed promises to visualize wisdom in the opening of the four cardinal virtues, the word of God is the principle and the base to which it reintegrates its value through gratitude in the act of generosity towards him and others.

  • Take care of yourself, take care of me.

    Each act of fraternal care is received as fresh water of hope, each noble action of the heart translates into living encouragement for a path, the union of the will with charity presumes the delicate birth of a new being that, with the sum of patience and love, they present the caregiver as the very reflection of that divine presence that accompanies, protects, respects and allows the value of life to flourish in the one who is cared for.

  • Have a Heart

    The meeting of wills, the synchronization of hearts to communicate a thought of kindness with the intention of bringing hope to reality for others who come after, an access where we are all part of, love as a force that binds and transforms.

  • Vocation

    The passion put into practice with determination, the care with which a project is worked, the determination and perseverance of each day to make a space of prosperity and blessing a reality that provides refuge to oneself and those around him.

  • Roses

    Decoding of the subtle expression of the rose and its fragrance in the vibrant color of tones.

  • Be+Live

    A path of grace and blessing is found by sheltering the heart in the sacredness of divine light, transforming density into lightness and making the learning of the rocks flourish that in the challenge have established growth.

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  • 203

    Abstraction of warmth, harmony and movement of energy.

  • Being of Love

    The precious preamble of the meeting in the purity of lovers, the delivery in love that is blessed with a new being, created under the divine protection of grace that presents the opportunity to transmit the value of life to a new generation.


  • Lullaby

    The peace of feeling embraced by the wind from heaven that fills with spirit and life, a protection in the lullaby of a mother, the peace of feeling protected and sheltered from the tenderness and warmth that gives the heart knowing that it is small and strong at the same time.

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  • Aurora

    Contemplation and meditative silence, transformation and color crossing the skies that are manifested before the stillness of the water that touches the land of dense rocks, allow yourself to appreciate the divine and immense that in its movement of brilliance and wisdom will illuminate the walk of man in calm waters.

  • It’s you and me

    We are you and me, the innocence of creating a space the color of joy, being here and now, taking time with the value of the present, a gift to be able to thank and flourish.

  • Possibilities

    Strength is the meaning of the word life, it is the result of believing in the ways of God,
    in the face of the weakness of human capacities, divine power transcends and renews with truth.
    Decision, perseverance, and humility allow encouragement, love, and joy to be part of the same piece creating a sequence of cold and warm tones at the same time.