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  • Redemption

    Painting that presents the Virgin of Carmen as the protector of men, the souls in purgatory and the power of the Holy Rosary in life and for the salvation of souls.

  • Virgin and Mother

    Painting depicting the revelation of the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception to Saint Bernadette S. in the Masabielle grotto in Lourdes, France. Live Art Experience, painting done alone inside a Chapel.

  • Patience

    The magnificent process of winemaking, from the cultivation of the vine through the time in the barrel, perceiving the value of time as forger of the fruit of the land in the symbolism of the harvest year and the choice of the vine. Live Art Experience, painting made in front of the auditorium during an exclusive Wine Tasting event at Freixenet Mexico.

  • Peace

    What is born from the heart, reaches the heart, peace is a state of the soul where virtues grow so they become protectors of love that can then flourish. Live Art Experience Painting performed live for 120 minutes in front of the auditorium of the Tasting Art event, Auction held for the benefit of the Teletón Children’s Oncology Hospital. October 2019.

  • Virgin of the Sun

    Painting that presents the revelation to the shepherds Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco of the Virgin of Fatima on May 13, 1917 in Portugal.

  • Transformation of the Self

    The consistency of the definition of freedom in the person guides him to resilience in the face of adversity, transforming it into life. Live Art Experience, painting made in front of the auditorium in 60 minutes.

  • Tree of Life

    The blessing of life is provided with abundance and with gratitude it bears fruit. Live Art Experience, painting made in front of the auditorium in 120 minutes.

  • Lovers Freedom

    Connection of the mind, link in the spirit and complicit looks, the mixture of both worlds to create a new dawn. Painting made in front of the auditorium during the Live Art Experience in 120 min.

  • Lady

    The delicacy of a woman seen as a prism that contains all the color that surrounds her

  • Chance

    Walk with faith on the light that is reflected from above, illuminating an environment.

  • To know

    Reflection and contemplation of the knowledge that comes from the divine and is reflected in the life of man in the present moment.

  • Truth

    The approach to the light leaving behind the darkness, a revelation of the essence that shapes and raises consciousness. Live Art Experience, painting done in front of the auditorium in 60 minutes.

  • Tribute

    The tribute to the great masters of impressionism in the history of art, C. Monet, A. Renoir, E. Degas and Vincent Van Gogh, in this painting their most iconic works are reflected, intertwining their history through them in an original composition.

  • Reconstruction

    Freedom taken with the value of life, entrusted for evolution and spiritual growth. From birth in powers, the reserved talents gain strength over time to be turned into passion, transforming the being giving strength in the face of adversity and raising their human understanding to an inclusive aspect where their path of life in human commitment inspires others leaving a legacy. for the humanity.

  • Goodness

    An act of kindness is a piece of a puzzle that contributes and enriches the family, love breaks the coldness of the exterior and transforms with warm colors illuminating the members.

  • Clare

    Beauty of nature, being in the pure form, delicate and of great strength holding the bloom with the gaze in the light