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Live Painting Event

Liverpool Talent Gallery Liverpool.

Place: Liverpool Acapulco

Address: Boulevard de las Naciones 1813, Aeropuerto, 39907 Acapulco, GRO

Area: La Isla Shopping Center

Hours: 16:00 to 21:00hr

Date: Friday 13 and Saturday 14 July, 2018

Sale of Original Work Unique Piece, Lithographs and Accessories.

Event Description:

The artist Montserrat Maciel, performs a work of art live inside the facilities of the Liverpool store; Using a palette of bright colors, with his fingers and some brush strokes he draws a concept full of talent, original, authentic and without previous sketches that reveals the images that have captivated so many for their energetic strength in celebrating the value of life.

The original artwork that is made in the LIVE PAINTING event is on sale at a special price only applicable on the day of the Event. The new Works of Art that are made during the event and those presented in the Exhibition, are pieces of Collection with an investment value for the original artistic concept.

The Montserrat Maciel brand, art and transcendence comprises in existence only unique pieces available for sale with international positioning.

Come and enjoy this unique presentation and acquire an original piece of Collection!



Original works single piece

Available for sale in Liverpool Acapulco, Department of Paintings

1. Creativity, 80x120cm, acrylic on canvas. (left)

2. Thank you, 90x110cm, acrylic on canvas. (right)


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