Birth: June 1985
Email: direccion@montserratmaciel.com
Professional: ARTIST
Style: Painting / Surrealism
Theme: Human Values, Spirituality, Sacred Art.
Technique: Oil, acrylic and watercolor paint on canvas, paper or wood.
Mission: Identify the act of painting as a noble truth that crosses the senses and through an image that seeks to enrich the spirit while going hand in hand in a social commitment.
Start of professional artistic career: April 2007
Start as a commercial provider: March 2009

In 2007, she adopted his pictorial passion in a professional manner, her work has been exhibited both in individual and group Art Exhibitions as well as in important ones at National Level, Universities, Foundations teaching classes, workshops, conferences and publications in different media.

From 2009 to 2017 she was an Institutional Teacher teaching the subject of Plastic Arts, Philosophy of Art and Value of Life in the Faculties of Medicine, Humanities, Business, Engineering and Law of La Salle University, Mexico City campus. Her performance credited her with receiving the Indivisa Manent 2017 award, the highest recognition given by La Salle University to its teachers, where their effort, dedication and commitment to the academic and educational development of the students.

Since 2010, she has been part of Liverpool for exhibitions at Malls Galleries on a national tour with the AQUA Exhibition. In 2017, considering her artistic career as a painter, she joined the team of the Mexican Federation for the representation of Mexico in the Art Olympics of the WAG, World Art Games International Organization which took place in the Republic of Croatia.

Since 2016 Gandhi  bookstores distributes its products nationwide with the images of its works.

From April 2017, she began a successful national tour with the Live Painting Events in Liverpool Department Stores where he has been placed as an artist of the Talento Mexicano Liverpool Gallery, the presentations contemplate the realization of a work of art live in front of the public, giving the opportunity to the spectator to be part of the moment from the beginning to the end of the authentic creative process that considers an original work of art.


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