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How to buy at

Start to explore all our products by section Artwork or Accessories, click on the photo of each product you like to see the details of the product and get to know it a little better.

The product catalog of published on the website is subject to availability. In case any of the requested products is not in stock, send your question in the contact form and we will contact you when the product has arrived and we are ready to send it to you.

How do I know the merchandise available?

If you want to buy a product, add it to your shopping cart.

After this you can return to the store to continue shopping and add more products.

Purchases – Original Artwork

How can I buy an original work?
Check our catalog of the works available for sale and select the one you decide. Send an email with the information to to locate the Original Work in our warehouse or Distributors and wait for our response to be able to track the payment by electronic transfer.

Purchases – Custom Original Artwork

If I want a Custom Order how can I request it?
A Custom Order consists in the exclusive elaboration of an original piece of art, unique piece with the client’s concepts.
We attend your request to carry out an interview with the artist Montserrat Maciel and follow up with a creative guide the initial sketch. Once the sketch is approved, the payment in interbank transfer of 60% of the cost of the piece continues, to then consider the progress of the work in painting and deliver the advance to 60%. The advance to 60% is presented and details are defined to continue with the remaining 40% and final delivery of the Artwork.
In the presentation of 100% of the original Work via email, payment is requested to settle the outstanding balance of 40%.
Then we wait for you to indicate the prepaid guide of your nearest shipping agency to be able to deliver the piece completely packed and packed for its protection during the shipment.
Once the work of art is delivered to the Agency, the client is informed of the sequence or number of search of the package and with that receipt of the agency, the delivery of the work of art is completed, the Shipping Agency requested will be the follow-up to the physical delivery of the product to the customer’s reception.

What are the benefits of buying a custom order?
When buying an original work of art, consider in your property a unique, durable, that benefits the one who owns it in financial profitability, decoration and aesthetic delight. The coordination for the elaboration is online, the delivery is at home, the framing of the piece is included and a certificate of authenticity of the work of art is delivered.

How long does it take to prepare a Custom Order?
The realization of a personalized work of art has an approximate duration of 30 to 45 natural days on average, this depends on the concepts to be made, the validation of the initial sketch by the client and the size of the piece.
Our canvases are made in an artisanal way and the whole piece is considered to start exclusively for the client.


Do I have security when making my payment?

When concluding your selection of product selection, it only remains to choose the amount of products you want to display the total amount to be paid. Select pay and immediately after the page itself will guide you.

Our website indicates an account reference to make your payment by electronic transfer or bank deposit.

Can I request an invoice?

If you require an invoice, we ask you to request it at the time of making your purchase and verify that all data is correct and complete. Send us an email to with the following information:

Name, Last Name, Business Name
Tax residence

The invoice will be sent to the mail you provide us within 3 days after the payment is made. Consider that you must request the invoice within the first 24 hours from the moment you made your purchase, otherwise we can not generate it.


How much does it cost to send my product?

You can make a purchase with home delivery, in any order the shipment is free to any part of the republic.

How soon will my order arrive?

The delivery time after having registered your payment, is 2 to 5 business days. The delivery of the products purchased at will be at the address specified when making your purchase. In case of having any problem with the payment, we will be notifying you within a period of no more than 24 hrs.

Are my purchases guaranteed?

We want your shopping experience at to be complete, we have a commitment to product quality considering that our suppliers join our effort to offer you an accessory in optimal presentation. In case you have any problem in the reception of your order we will gladly help you.

Changes and Returns Policy

If there is any damage at the time of delivery of your product, we ask you to send us your info within 24 hours after receiving your order to make the change to

In case of requesting a return, the corresponding amount of the product will be reimbursed by previously sending the product that was received to our warehouse.

Request your return at and help us know the reasons for returning merchandise, so that we can meet our commitment to constant improvement in products and services, your opinion is very important to us.

If the change and / or return is appropriate, you will have in your favor the amount paid for the item in good condition to be able to use it and acquire another respecting the value of the amount calculated in the item purchased.

Do you have Distributors in Mexico where you can find your products?

Distributors in Mexico
Liverpool – Department of Pictures In this department you can find the Original Works (only piece), Medium Lithographs, Small Lithographs and Large Format Lithographs.
Liverpool Design Center – In this department you can ask to request the tracking of Customized Order for delivery in Store.”Art with your history”
Gandhi Bookstores – Accessories Department. In this department you will find favorite accessories and art material products.

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