Availability of Works of Art.

How do I know the availability of unique pieces in painting from the collection?

Our availability is minimal, they are unique pieces and we offer quality, we have collector clients and the paintings are placed as they are made, we suggest you keep an eye on our availability in the virtual store or request a personalized order. More than 200 Works of Art have been made, you can download our Catalog at this link.

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Art Purchases

Art No. 180 Monarch, 68x35cm, Acrylic on canvas. Framed No 2.
Corner Framed Model No. 02

How can I request framing?

We prefer that your painting is ready to place as soon as you receive it, so we include gallery-style framing in different models for its best presentation. In case you do not require it, you can make the notification in a message in the purchase of your piece so that it will be sent to you without framing. Choose from the models we have available for you. Choose from the models that we have available for you, request the updated models via email or whatsapp.

I want a special painting with a particular concept, how can I request it?

Conceptual Art No. 232 Rest, Measures 140 x 80cm. Oil on canvas.

A custom work of art is a unique piece in oil and acrylic on canvas or wood that includes a certificate of authenticity. Its theme refers to the value of life and human meaning and the style used is surreal, landscape and sacred. Each piece is made by compiling the stories, experiences, ideas and concepts of each client in order to capture an exclusive and original work of art in paint.
You can request an exclusive piece for you in PERSONALIZED ART in our form of contact completed the form in the “Quote a personalized painting” section, in this way it will be clearer for me to attend to your request. The elaboration includes the follow-up of the progress, from the sketches to its final framing.

And if I’m only interested in adding color to my space in an abstract style How can I order my painting?

Abstract Art No. 229 Silences (rectangular) Measures 1.90 x 1.20 and No.230 Roots of Light, (square) Measures 1.50×1.30cm. Acrylic on canvas.

A work of abstract art includes only the colors, is a piece made of acrylic on canvas and includes a certificate of authenticity. This is the ideal order to combine a painting with the colors of your space and bring that place to life with a personal touch.

You can request a piece of Abstract Art in our contact form, completing the form in the “Quote a personalized painting” section, in this way it will be clearer for me to attend to your request.

What benefits do I have of buying an artistic work?
When buying an original work of art, consider in your property a unique, durable asset that benefits those who own it in financial return, decoration and aesthetic delight. Each work of art impacts the space and creates an ideal atmosphere that enhances harmony and represents its owner.

How long does it take to prepare my Personalized Order?
The realization of a personalized work of art lasts approximately 8 to 30 calendar days on average depending on the online orders that are in production, this depends on the concepts to be carried out, the validation of the initial sketch by the client and the piece size.

¿Cómo puedo adquirir una pintura?
The request for a painting is made through an interview or call in which the client’s motives and ideas to be reflected in the piece are presented. The purchase is made by electronic transfer or market payment through free market.

We accept all cards. Secure purchase up to 12 months without interest.

Do I have security when making my payment? Can I request an invoice?

Your payments are secure, guaranteed by the Mercado Libre platform. If you require an invoice, we ask you to request it at the time of making your purchase and verify that all the data is correct and complete. Send us an email to info@montserratmaciel.com with the following information: Name, Surname, Company Name, RFC, Fiscal Address, Telephone, Email.

The invoice will be sent to the email you provide within 3 days after the payment is made. Consider that you must request the invoice within the first 24 hours from the moment of making your purchase, otherwise we cannot generate it.


How much does it cost to send my artwork?

You can make a purchase with home delivery. The shipment is free and is included in the price considering delivery service within the Mexican Republic through Express Package or by the Parcel that Mercado Envíos directs us. All the Works of Art are delivered with the Certificate of Authenticity as a unique piece.

How long will my order arrive?

The delivery time at the national level after having sent your tracking number of the selected package is from 2 to 8 business days. The delivery of the products purchased at www.montserratmaciel.com will be to the address specified in the purchase order. In case of any problem with the payment, we will notify you within a period not exceeding 24 hours. International delivery must be verified directly with each order.

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