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  • Ensemble of Love

    The gift of tenderness and kindness that is intertwined in a story written from heaven, a construction of moments that are celebrated in the arrival of a new being.

  • Lion Family

    The family that in protection remains with a strong bond.

  • Wake

    The exact moment of the eruption of a volcano in Iceland in concert with the aurora borealis, the event with two magical phenomena, heaven and earth awakening from a magnificent scene, all in perfect time and space.

  • Berries

    Violets, reds and shades of warmth with rich color contrasts.

  • Stay

    The freedom of feeling that you have arrived at your favorite place, making this space of peace not only a space for moments, but also a definitive stay for the spirit.

  • Human contact

    Prosperity requires effort and change of patterns, assembling the mind with the goal and enjoying making a path in life and company. Order gives peace and centers the spirit.

  • Home in Harmony

    Each person has their own branch, their own resource source and proposal for humanity… each one is independent and at the same time they are connected in a central node that without a name manifests itself in love, the refuge of peace from which it is received. the source to bear fruit again.

  • Monarch

    It refers to the transformation of a being and the migration from fear to the freedom of love. It is a sign of perseverance and loyalty to the value of life.

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  • Blue Trip

    A path of peace that is appreciated in wonder, gratitude and happiness, the joy of living in freedom.

  • Magic Espai

    Bonanza and beauty, Now you will see here, Ramblas that flow, Flows of flowers, In its blue waters, Clean as its sky, Waves of white foam, They swim in my dreams, Still fresh in me, a magical space to smile. Acrostic Author: Mtra. Teresa Raygoza

    Painting that joins a family theme with Barcelona, ​​Spain.

  • July

    The joy that gives the simple reason to exist, to grow with what has been given to us, to be grateful and to prosper.



  • To receive

    To grow, to find the root of blessing that rises and multiplies, to thank, to allow, to smile, to be present in life and to be part of a bower of opportunity for those who come, a virtuous growth, receiving implies giving.



  • Million

    The serenity of silence and the contemplation of value in a balanced setting

  • Providence

    A painting dedicated to Jesus who leads the way, the man leaving everything allows his boat to advance in his guide and the sky illuminates his sea, love overcomes his own will… thus in green pastures He makes you rest and where the fresh water leads you, although sometimes you stop by dark ravines, his kindness and his favor accompanies you while every day like a sun shines the light of his company will provide you with the bread of life and in turn man will offer his work, providence Divine is your blessing and strength of soul.



  • Give

    The multiplied network of actions that promote growth and sense of value in oneself and in others, receiving is giving.

  • Path of Blessing

    A favorite place turned into a painting, a sweet moment captured in an instant that will be constant, adding elements of impulse and gratitude.