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  • Decision to be

    The realization of the self in the determination of the purely spiritual goal, where the truth of man lies, the understanding of overcoming the uncertain path of physical reality, the vulnerable appreciation of the mental part and gaining the understanding of faith in the spiritual path, The decision is constant and perseveres who allows himself to be guided by God in the light of hope, love and fullness where life is abundant and virtue is manifested in the immense peace of its refuge.

  • Symphony

    The passion and perseverance despite the failures and the determination to see the beauty of the fire that inspires is what makes sense, a symphony, high and low notes that lift the spirit and strengthen the character.

  • Heavenly Protection

    The interconnection of souls, the key of a sol in harmony, that music that between chords and expansion makes it possible to coincide, the empty atom that at the same time is the element of manifestation of matter, everything that must be ordered so that there is an event, a birth.

  • Sublime Obsession

    The subtle presence of an attractive and feminine lady, three facets of tenderness, beauty and passion highlight a decisive empowerment.

  • Daydream

    In the meeting of lovers, their angels guide and guard them on the path of bliss.

  • To flourish

    The recognition of inner strength translates into truth and love, blessings fall on our field by allowing the seed of faith to germinate.

  • Holy Spirit

    The spirit that illuminates and makes the path flourish, a calm that stills the mind and unfolds a harmony, an invisible reality that dwells in a divine permanence and that exists in the stillness of prayer and the refuge of peace that is true love of God.

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  • Prudence

    The also called Wisdom, part and origin of the four cardinal virtues together with justice, strength and temperance. The riches in heaven proceed through her providing shelter and peace to hearts.

  • Will

    God’s mercy is infinite. Jesus trusted you – Jezu ufam tobie. These words are the beginning and the end of everything. This single prayer is the key to the infinite treasure of Divine Mercy and, at the same time, this phrase is proof that God’s mercy is already at work in the heart of man. It all starts with trust and trust is the highest point of all human feelings, decisions and ways of thinking.
    God is goodness. God is almighty. God is always for us and for the whole world.


  • Science

    The perfect and harmonious order that occurs in creation comes from heaven and manifests itself in nature.

  • Courage

    The circle of grace, clarity of direction. Love can do everything, there is the strength of man.

  • Word

    The spirit in action of manifestation. Giving a name to what the spirit speaks, the vibrant spirit that gives the movement of what has been understood with thought.


  • Fathomless

    The magnificence of the creator with his creature, in humility when meeting with his protection.


  • Joy

    The joy of permitted innocence, the greatness of the smile and the well-being of the simple soul.


  • Estate

    Understanding and commitment, reflection of goals, well-being of balance. Flowers that are born as virtues before the mirror of experiences. Fear is not love, flourishing is a reflection of the transformation from the rigid to the soft, from the dead to the living, from the obstruction of will to humility in blessing.

  • Peaceful mind

    The clarity of looking at the magnificence of the divine and the value of life to keep the heart in peace and the mind to walk in constant calm, giving ideas a flight with wisdom.