Works of art that help people to be spiritually inspired, expressing in painting an image that with love and beauty reflects the value of life, an image that seeks to enrich the spirit while going hand in hand in a social commitment.

The Artworks are Unique PIECES in oil, watercolor and acrylic paint on canvas, wood or paper with surrealist style in high quality of original conceptualization and unrepeatable creation. Guarantee of artistic reference with certificate of authenticity.

Love to paint, love to live.


The most successful performance of the brand – an exclusive and unprecedented event, the development of an original live work in front of an audience from an average of 90 minutes.

Exhibition of Original Works, Accessories for sale and elaboration of Live Art.

For sale or auction – Live Painting Dress – White dress that becomes part of the work due to the way it is created with the colors of the original piece, its style and design being unique.


Enjoy an image never before created with the strength in color and energy that characterizes you and highlights the collection pieces.

If you still do not know what you want to see in the decoration of your home or in your workspace, or you have the idea of ​​making a totally original gift, this service is for you.

Art with your story is an exclusive high quality service that includes the development of an original work of art as a unique piece including concepts and special references that make this image an unrepeatable production. The service includes an appointment in personalized attention.

Start enjoying the elaboration of that idea in painting and harmonize your space authentically with a piece of art that highlights your personality.

Schedule an online interview to expedite your order and receive your piece at home. The work development process includes 2 Sketches to choose from and the coordination of your progress by 50% and 100% so that you validate the production process at 50% and 100%. The quote includes the framed in different models and the home delivery service.


An excellent, inspiring experience with learning with measurable results and emotional richness in linking human value through art.

The vision of the workshop includes the preparation of an original work by assistant and the teaching of the creative process in the value of imagination and talent, the intention is that each assistant promotes their own creativity.

Objective: To propose to the assistant tools for personal practice, understanding and interpretation of visual arts through art therapy, in order to have resources that allow him to focus his creativity through which to express his emotions and thoughts.

Ideal offer for Universities, Cultural and Business Institutions that wish to motivate their employees through an intensive program to appreciate the value of art in everyday life and the promotion of their personal talent, which on many occasions is evaded and which is a driving force in the channeling of emotions, personal balance and creative development processes of the individual, as well as highlighting the importance of resilience, the positive value of change and growth in the face of adversity in the field of human development.

More information: Mexico +52 55 45130030


Link your decoration with accessories of the image of your work of art. The images of the works decorate an exclusive line of products to take with you, such as lithographs, stationery, decoration, art supplies, fashion items among others.


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