I am Montserrat Maciel, visual artist. I specialize in painting works of art that help people to be spiritually inspired, expressing in painting an image that with love and beauty reflects the value of life.
More than 100 works of art sold, more than 10 years of career being always an important factor thanks and benefit to noble causes, foundations, organizations, missions and communities with what the works of art generate in financial value.

 The Artworks are Unique PIECES in oil and acrylic paint on canvas with surreal style in original and unrepeatable quality, each piece is delivered with certificate of authenticity.


To dedicate myself to art, for me it is to be a servant of God, who as an instrument of his providence gives meaning to his existence in gratitude to God, my hands being an instrument to help, transform and inspire others, painting in a wide range of bright colors a dark night of despair, a mission to transmit strength and value of life to the three participants of this cause. In principle, the artist who recreates himself in the depth and wonder of transmitting what he loves and receives a retribution for his work, immediately to the spectator, who when acquiring an original work of art, considers in his property a unique, durable good, which benefits in financial profitability, decoration, and aesthetic delight; and without being less important, to the benefactor who receives a donation to continue supporting the most needy and where the noble actions of human work are found,

Love to paint, love to live.
The sense of art as the means of projection to the value of human transcendence, identifying the painting as a noble truth that crosses the senses and presents an image that seeks to enrich the spirit while going hand in hand in a social commitment.

All our services, accessories and collectible works of art acquired by our clients on the brand’s website, distributors, galleries, exhibitions, institutions, universities, public or private exhibitions participate to generate donation support for Foundations, Missions and Communities with limited resources.

Interviews for art work orders, classes, conferences, art therapy workshops and exclusive Live Painting events for Mexico and other countries can be requested in our contact form.


If you are interested in obtaining a painting made exclusively for you, we have the service of elaboration of Work of Art to suit the client in a personalized way.
Send a message to request an appointment in personalized attention and start enjoying the elaboration of an Original Artwork as ONE PIECE with the concept you want in harmony with your space.

Schedule an online interview to expedite your order and receive your piece at home.

Enjoy an image never before created with the strength in color and energy that characterizes you and highlights the collection pieces.


The Art Therapy workshop aims to propose to the assistant tools for personal practice, understanding and interpretation of visual arts through art therapy, so that they have resources that allow them to focus their creativity through which to express their emotions and thinking

This workshop is an offer to Universities, Cultural and Business Institutions that wish to motivate their employees through an intensive program to appreciate the value of art in everyday life and the promotion of their personal talent, which on many occasions is evaded and which is a driving force in the channeling of emotions, personal balance and creative development processes of the individual, as well as highlighting the importance of resilience, the positive value of change and growth in the face of adversity in the field of human development. An excellent, inspiring experience with learning with measurable results and emotional richness in linking human value through art. Duration of 1 week. 20 hours. Capacity of 10 to 35 attendees.

Request more information on info@montserratmaciel.com


Link your decoration with accessories of the image of your work of art. The images of the works decorate an exclusive line of products to take with you, such as lithographs, stationery, decoration, art supplies, fashion items among others.


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