Montserrat Maciel, Mexican artist who, through painting, creates original works of art with spiritual themes inspired by the value of life.
Love to paint, love to live.

“I am inspired by the legacy of success of those great masters who in adversity reinforced the idea of ​​human transcendence through expressing the spirit in art. In conjunction with the presence of joy, color and radiance of a land of wealth such as Mexico, I want to spread love to life, painting the image that presents the solution to adversity by inserting a spirit of thought into the work of art with the energy of high vibration.  For me, to be an artist is to transcend with the vision impregnated with light, living a genuine creative process, to be a bridge between the spectator and the work as a clear invitation to freedom and imagination, an enjoyment of being only a spirit in fullness, a map of self-realization in life through painting, helping others to see and then believe. ”

The work of Montserrat Maciel represents a look at evolution in human beings, telling a story that interweaves awareness and learning. The Original Artworks are unique pieces, they are not copied or repeated, the technique used in oil, acrylic and watercolor on canvas or wood is surrealist style, each piece emerges in specific time and space, so each image is a reflection of motivation for the spectator in the realization of longings and dreams, his individual encounter of prosperity and abundance. There is only one client for each work, by energetic principle the work finds its owner in perfect time and space.
Since 2010, more than 100 works of art made.
Registered trademark that in harmony with the legend “art and transcendence” defines its identification as an artist and presents the exclusive line of accessories in fashion, stationery, decoration, among others.


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