Montserrat Maciel, Mexican artist who, through painting, creates original works of art with spiritual themes inspired by the value of life.
Love to paint, love to live.

The Art Works of Montserrat Maciel represent a look at the evolution of the human being expressing with brushstrokes a story that links consciousness, learning and spirit in a surrealist style. Registered trademark that in harmony with the legend “art and transcendence” defines its identification as an artist and presents Original Artworks, Customized Order “Art with your History”, Workshops of Arterapía Painting, Lithographs and Accessories among others.
When acquiring a Work of Original Art, consider in your property a unique, durable good, that benefits the one who owns it in financial profitability, decoration, and aesthetic delight. Each piece emerges in perfect time and space.
The Works of Art are ONE PIECE and AUTHENTIC with certificate of authenticity.
More than 100 works of art made

“An unpublished work of art, look at your history encapsulated in a canvas”.
Enjoy a magical moment in your space, an image never created before.
An ART WORK Authentic and exclusive for you.

Propose to the assistant tools for personal practice, understanding and interpretation of the visual arts through art therapy, so that he has resources that allow him to focus his creativity through which to express his emotions and thoughts.

Link your decoration with accessories from the image of your artwork in a unique way. The images of the works decorate an exclusive line of products to take with you, such as lithographs, stationery, decoration, art material, fashion items among others.


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