A R T    D E C O R   2020


 Art as a single piece and custom decoration in oil and acrylic paint on canvas or wood. The images of the paintings can also be part of the making of fashion accessories such as bags, chews, ties, aprons and in combination with their decoration such as tablecloths, table runners, cushions, curtains, among others.

A  R  T      E X P E R I E N C E

Exclusive and personalized service of elaboration of decorative painting with high quality materials to achieve an ideal harmony of spaces based on the colors and shades that the client selects. The service is understood in the sequence of 3 steps, which are:

STEP 1. Definition of Colors:

STEP 2. Intermixing of color in harmony and shades:

STEP 3. Final Delivery adding texturized:

Framing and final delivery to the client:

Description: Oil and acrylic paint with colors based on special decoration references, the painting includes textures and plastering volumes.

Remote coordination: The initial advance is sent to the client, as well as 50% and 100% of the painting with the framing included.

Delivery Time: Estimated from 1 to 2 weeks.

Framed: The silver listed base frame is included in delivery. It is possible to modify the frame model according to your style and decoration as required.

Prices: An adjustment is made in price according to the exact measurements that the client requests, suggested measures are listed below.

M I N I    P A I N T I N G

Make an incredible and unique gift! An original painting with an ideal concept for that special moment.

Material: Oil paint, acrylic on canvas. Wooden frame with cotton fabric made to measure with a 4cm thick gallery format.

MEASURES Available

Mod. Rectangular 18x25cm

Mod. Length 10x35cm

Mod. Square 20×20 cm

Sale Price: $ 850 pesos MXN. The delivery considers the painting in Original Piece without framing with certificate of authenticity. If you want the painting framed in silver, the cost is $ 1,350 MXN per piece.

A R T   C O L L E C T I O N

Styles: Sacred Art, Surrealism, Landscaping

Description: Oil and acrylic painting on canvas with a personal theme that incorporates life processes, symbolism, the meaning of a dream or project, visualization of positive affirmations and energy assessment in color for each element. Certificate of Authenticity Included.

Delivery Time: Estimated from 3 to 5 weeks.

Price: The cost of the painting is defined in relation to the depth of the theme requested, the reference to the concepts, the composition of the piece in harmony with the required sensations and the measures required by the client.




The images of the works decorate an exclusive line of products to take with you and place in harmony with your space.


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